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"A Small Price To Pay for a Heavenly Delight!"
EST. 1994

"When Fauzia’s Heavenly Delights was first born 24 years ago, my mother said to me "If you want something done right, you must do it yourself. " It was with this advice that I realized the only way for me to really set myself apart, was to be as unique and true to myself as possible. Everything from the Jerk Seasoning that we use for our famous Jerk Chicken to the many vegetable combinations that we offer daily, are my own creations. When I am in the kitchen it feels like I am a scientist in my own lab."

-- Fauzia Abdur-Rahman, Owner

East 161 Street and Concourse Village West, Bronx NY    |   (718)- 930- 5711   |


Photo by Daniel Kwak

"Best food I ever eaten off of a food truck. You know the food is good when people are on line patiently waiting to order. This truck is around dozens of other restaurants and food trucks. So you have a variety of selections but people choose to stand and wait for her food."

Bernice N.


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161St and Concourse Village West, Bronx, NY


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